Welcome to your Lash Transformation!

All new looks begin with a consultation, natural lash cleansing, and matching the dimensions of your current lashes with our eyelash extensions.

Flirty Fiji

If baby steps are your thing, this set of eyelash extensions will give you the flirty, natural and “oh so subtle” look. Commitment phobia is okay here. Go ahead, test the clear waters and give the Flirty Fiji look a try, and see how these lashes can add that dazzle to your eyes! For Classic, this look contains up to 30 to 50 lashes per eye. For Volume, this look contains up to 300 lashes per eye.

Hottie Maui

Revitalize those tired eyes with a pretty picker upper! With the Hottie Maui you’ll be able to bring out your inner Superstar, while still looking natural. For Classic, about 60 to 90 lashes are applied per eye. For Volume, up to 500 lashes per eye.

Tahitian Goddess

Give yourself a new set of eyelash extensions and forget about mascara for up to six weeks!  This is the ultimate lash makeover!  Hey, everyone could use those 10 extra minutes in the morning. You’ll be ready in a flash and dashing out the door looking like the “office superstar” or that ultimate “pretty mommy” that you are! For Classic100+ lashes are applied per eye. For Volume, up to 600 lashes per eye are applied.

Touch Up

Touch UpIf we have not seen you before, then you must start with a new look.

We highly recommend that our existing clients return every 2 weeks for their Touch Up to maintain a beautiful, fuller look. Touch Ups for those clients that have lost over 50% of their eyelash extensions, will require more time. Please consider booking the 1.5 Hour service when making your Touch Up appointment.

Lash Medic

MedicDon’t let a horror experience (most likely from an unlicensed & non-certified eyelash specialist) swear you off eyelash extensions. If your lashes are feeling clumpy, heavy, or just uncomfortable, let Eyeland Lash® make you feel beautiful again with a new look!

Fancy Eyeland Lash Add-Ons

If you’re feeling even more playful, check out the Add-Ons below, and fancy up your wink.

Colored Lashes

Add some personality to your lashes. These ultra soft, made of raw silk synthetic fiber lashes create the most luscious looking lashes. These colored lashes will create beautiful highlights when lashes are caught in the light or the sun.

Two-Toned Lashes

The tips of the lashes are dyed with color, giving highlights only on the end of the lashes and the other half is black towards the base, which creates a darker lashline to make your eyes pop.

Glitter Lashes

Now offering new Glitter lashes! These are great for the holidays, special occasions, or if you just want to add an extra “bling”!

*Actual results will vary depending upon your eyelash growth, shedding cycle, and aftercare.