Book a Mentorship Session today with our Lead Educator for advice, guidance, and/or support in all things Eyelash Extensions.

From questions about a specific lash technique or if you need more lash application tips to ideas for your Eyelash Extension business, our Mentorship Sessions are the perfect amount of balance of information and inspiration.

Eyelash Extension Application Support

Our Mentorship Sessions are for working professionals who wish to have our Lead Educator provide feedback on their Eyelash Extension application techniques. Need to make your volume fan making more efficient? How about perfecting your isolation, or how to achieve better retention?

It’s having a world-class Instructor on your side who will provide you with valuable and customized information to strengthen your artistry.

If your schedule allows for in-depth instruction or if you’re starting out and need technique assistance, please consider our Private or Semi-Private Trainings.

Business Advice

These mentorship sessions are perfect for lash artists or salon owners who wish to get an experienced and successful business woman’s perspective on growing their Eyelash Extension services.

Topics discussed with past mentorship students have included basic accounting, steps to starting your small business or how to structure a lash menu and pricing, and so on.

We’ve all been there and this time, you’ve got someone on your side who will provide you with neutral, yet empathic feedback and practical information to strengthen your Lash Extension business.

Marketing Guidance

You’ve got the Eyelash Extension business but are ready to take it to the next level! These mentorship sessions are perfect for those who wish to get feedback on your current marketing efforts and guidance on best marketing practices which in turn, would provide a base for your business to truly grow.

Topics discussed with past mentorship students have included social media marketing. Reels/Tik Tok how-to’s, the best apps to use and what they can do for your business, photography and how to get your business out there and attract the right clientele, and so on.


I’m just starting out. Should I book this Mentorship Session?

We cater to all Lash Artists & Salon owners who offer Eyelash Extensions, including those that are just starting out (less than a year of experience). For Artists that have no Eyelash Extension application experience, or have been “out of it” for over a year, we highly recommend our Fundamentals Course or Fundamentals with Intro to Volume Training Course.

For technique help, do I need to bring a model with me? Can I have my client sit instead?

We encourage you to bring in your client and work on them as you would. The difference would be working in our fantastic, individually-set climate-controlled treatment rooms and have a world-class Lead Educator as your personal coach.

What kind of business questions can I ask?

All our sessions are confidential and private; almost any question can be asked especially if it has been causing your business to be stagnant.

Help! I don’t know how to do…

Most of our past-mentees have requested assistance on social media, setting up an online booking, and so on. When you fill out the form below, please share your thoughts on topics you’d possibly wish to discuss.


Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Christine Petrun entered Corporate America and paid her dues working for a Fortune-500 company. When the global economy turned, Christine looked towards her passion for Eyelash Extensions and the Beauty Industry.

In 2011, Christine Petrun began to build her skills, but she was left wanting for a more professional course than the one she had attended. After that unsatisfactory experience, Christine honed her skills via self-teaching, sought out and studied under the most skilled educators where she learned the fine art of eyelash extension application, along with the meticulous Russian Volume technique.

After hundreds of satisfied clients, some of whom wanted to learn the art themselves, Christine made it her mission to uphold industry integrity by offering Premier Education with strict professional standards. Her success stories include award-winning Lash Artists and graduates who have gone to create their own Eyelash Extension business.

Welcome to Eyeland Lash Mentorship.


  • Licensed Aesthetician in California
  • Certified Educator, National Association of Lash Artists (NALA)
  • Member, National Eyelash Education and Safety Association
  • Member, World Association of Lash Artistry and Development
  • Official Judge, Lash Crown Championship, Hawaii USA 2017
  • Official Judge, The Championship of International Lash Competition, California USA 2018


  • Trained under Master Lash Artist Frankie Widdows
  • Trained and Certified with Maven Artistry
  • Trained and Certified with Borboleta
  • Trained with Lashanarchist
  • Trained with Revolashion
  • Trained with LuxLashSociety



Can’t make it to San Clemente? No worries! Sign up for our Virtual Session.


Your Mentorship Session will take place in our climate-controlled treatment room at Eyeland Lash in San Clemente, CA unless otherwise stated. If you would like for us to visit your City/State and host a training course, please send us a message:

It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together.


The one-on-one Mentorship Session is a whole day, customized program for your exact needs. The tuition fee is $695.

A deposit of $150 is required to secure and schedule your session.


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