Signature Lashes


The Signature Collection Lashes is our newest addition to our lash extensions collection. Using the most recently developed material, we are able to create the softest and the darkest black on these lashes that comes in both Volume and Classic sizes.  With the new drying technology and precision measuring instruments available now, you are sure to get the highest quality products with our Signature Lash collection.

  • Now has labeling on the top of the lash tray
  • Contains 16 lines of individual eyelash extensions
  • Create Fans with ease
  • Super dark finish
  • Lengths printed on the Lash Strip


  • Volume
    • Diameter: .07
    • Curls: C, CC, D
    • Lengths: 7mm-14mm & Mixed


  • Classic
    • Diameter: .15
    • Curls: C,D
    • Lengths: 7mm-12mm & Mixed