At Eyeland Lash, we understand the need to provide our clients with high-quality, safe, & uncompromising Eyelash Extension products. We are excited that our fellow Lash Artists feel the same way. As such, we saw the need to provide your favorites, like Akua Glue in bulk form. But we’re not stopping there!

We’re happy to provide bulk pricing to all Eyelash Extension products in our store. This offer is available to Eyelash Extension artists (personal businesses or otherwise), salons, and schools looking to purchase product for back bar use on clients.

Ordering with bulk pricing is simple! With a minimum order starting at $500 (some exclusions apply), you’ll receive 30% off listed pricing. You also save on shipping costs because of your bulk order(s).

Fill out the form below and we’ll send you the information on how to get started with bulk pricing right away.