PROmade Fans 7D Narrow 0.05 Single Length

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Aloha lash lovers!

Our new PROmade fans have arrived and they're all ONE perfect size. Crafted from the finest 100% Korean PBT fiber, these lashes are top-tier! They boast a super full look while being amazingly light and irresistibly soft. What's even cooler? These handcrafted gems save time for lash artists, meaning instead of making fans one by one, they've got these superb premade options ready to go.

Whether you're just starting out with lashes or you're already a lash superstar, these are the go-to choice. Ready to turn heads and dazzle your client's eyes? With these fans, you will!

Lash Artist Dream Specs:

  • 576 Fans per tray
  • Available in C, CC, D, L, M
  • Foil Backing
  • Semi-matte finish
  • Each row is labeled with Curl Lengths & Diameter
  • Recyclable paper trays
  • Available in Single Lengths and Mixed


Lash Curl: C-Curl
Length: 7mm